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Best musician, producer or synth lover..

Hello we are AnalogFX, your Synth manufacturer from Europe based in the Netherlands. Since 2020 we manufacture an selection of standalone synthesizers and eurorack modules. We are working hard to expand our product range with many new creative ideas.

From a one-man-show we are growing to a small company. Marc is our senior developer and the driving force behind AnalogFX, he started AnalogFX in 2020. With many years of experience as electronics design engineer for several professional company’s he is a well skilled designer. As an amateur musician he designed his own synthesizers and music equipment. AnalogFX is the result of combining the love for music and electronics.

We do everything to fulfill your needs as fast and good as we can. We constantly working hard to improve, feel free to give us your feedback. In case of any issues contact us and we are helping to find a solution.

Even with RoHS, REACH and WEEE here to help us making the electronics business greener, still a lot of things need to be improved to make electronics really green. We try our best with the selection of our resources, materials and partners. As an example we are re-using shipping materials where we can and we are moving towards a plastic free packaging solution.