– Microphone input for speech signal
– Compressor for speech signal
– Phantom power for condenser microphones
– Line input for speech signal
– Line input for carrier signal
– Input level control for speech and carrier signal
– Output level control
– Line output
– 10-Band analyzer outputs
– 10-Band synthesizer input
– Internal VCO (1 semi-nut step size);
* Saw wave (C1 – C6)
* 3x 10% Pulse wave (C1+C2+C3 – C4+C5+C6 )
* White noise
– Synthesis for ‘s’ and ‘t’ sounds
– Feed-trough level control for speech and carrier channel
– Bypass switch
– 10pin power connector (+/-12V)

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Voxcoder VXC-2220 – Analog 10-Band Vocoder for Eurorack.

The VXC-2220 is an 10-band analog vocoder with patch-bay for each individual filter section. VXC-2220 vocoder is based on the iconic classics 222 vocoder. For stand alone usage the VXC-2220 is equipped with an internal oscillator generating saw and pulse waves form C1 to C6. A simple and efficient vocoder.


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