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Analog Formant synthersizer in desktop format it has a semi-modular setup and therefore compatible with eurorack modules. A truly unique synthesizer with a distinctive sound. Above all it's based on the sonically remarkable Synton Syrinx. For example the Syrinnx was used by Aphex Twin, Air and Depeche Mode. AnalogFX brings the sound character of this rare beast back!

The oscillator and format filter sections feature are certainly based on CEM 3340 (used in SCI Prophet 5 etc.) and CEM 3350 (Rhodes Chroma, Crumar Spirit) chips, which consequently shape the character of the SER-2020 as well as the flexibility of the filter section. This features a special, very lively and detailed character through various patch options of a 24-dB-Lowpass and two independent resonant peak filters with separate cutoff/resonance controls.

The Touch'n'Bend pad allows you to adjust the pressure sensitivity of the VCO, VCF and VCA, among other things. MPE control of Strike, Press, Glide, Slide and Lift is also supported.


10-Band Analog Vocoder with patch-bay. With powered microphone input for direct use of the vocoder in your setup. This vocoder has individual envelope followers outputs of each filter bank, and individual VCA inputs of each filter bank. It's a very flexible and creative to use vocoder.